Custom Mesquite Wood Flooring, Furniture & Tables in Denver

Give your ski cabin, vacation home or your family home a distinctive touch with custom Mesquite hardwood flooring and furniture in Denver, Colorado. Faifer & Company Inc uses real Texas Mesquite hardwood to craft custom furniture, mantelpieces, countertops, staircases and other beautiful centerpieces to adorn your home. We ship our finished work across the nation so every homeowner can enjoy the treasures of the countryside.

With exceptional detail and durability, Mesquite hardwood displays longevity and beauty other wood types cannot hold a candle to. Mesquite wood is famous throughout Texas for its toughness and natural beauty, especially as the wood ages. We use natural growing and reclaimed Mesquite wood to craft custom wood furniture, floors, stairs, countertops, bars and other pieces that showcase rustic country elegance. If you are looking to bring the quiet serenity and divine intricacy of the outdoors into your home, no wood type makes a better example than Mesquite hardwood. Whether you are looking for quiet charm in your country home or mountainside beauty at your ski lodge, Mesquite Texas hardwood effortlessly delivers the unique signature of the outdoors.

Order custom Mesquite hardwood furniture pieces, flooring and other designs for your home. Contact us to learn more and place a delivery today.