Santa Fe Mesquite Lumber & Wood Products

Faifer & Company Inc gives you gorgeous, authentic country wood creations built from Texas mesquite lumber. We craft custom wood furniture and flooring in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for homes, apartments, businesses and any space that requires a distinctive edge. Our Mesquite wood creations bring together rustic and classic, giving your home a both natural and polished look.

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique look for your country home, cabin, vacation home or another space, select custom wood furniture, wood flooring, mantles, staircases and other wood masterpieces made from Mesquite wood. Mesquite lumber is one of Texas’s greatest natural treasures, with depth, complexity and fascinating shades. Mesquite lumber retains its shape for generations, making it one of the hardiest, longest-lasting woods available. With rich, dark grains and complex shapes, Mesquite wood gives you furniture, flooring and wood features that are not only useful, but also stunning works of art. Each piece of Mesquite Texas wood is different, with history and age written into the wood grain, so no two furniture pieces, staircases or floors are alike.

Make the furniture and features within your home as unique as you are. Order custom furniture, flooring, staircases and more made from authentic Mesquite Texas hardwood today.