Mesquite Wood Items for Sale

aifer and Company, Inc. features a wide array of unique wood items, mesquite wood floors, kitchenware and wood wall décor in Texas.  From cutting boards, boxes and sculptures, each piece is meticulously hand-crafted from solid Mesquite Texas hardwood.  Faifer and Company’s distinguished craftsmen transform the wood into stunning sculptures and long-lasting accessories you can use or display in your home for years to come.

Also known as Texas Ironwood, Mesquite wood is famous for its superior durability.  It has been used for hundreds of years as tools, furniture and artwork, and is now also used in flooring, cabinetry and worktops.  In addition to its durability, Mesquite also displays fascinating color and character.  Faifer and Company uses mesquite wood reclaimed from Texas ranchlands for added age and complexity, ensuring no two pieces are alike.

Add a long-lasting hardwood accessory to your kitchen, bedroom or living room, or select a gift for a friend.  Contact Faifer and Company, Inc. to order one of the items displayed or to order your very own custom-made piece.

Mesquite Burl Table with Turquoise Inlay
Mesquite End Table
Mesquite/Pecan Coffee Table with Star Inlay
Mesquite Hidden Gun Rack/Book Case
Mesquite Guitar
Call For Pricing
Mesquite 1 piece Bootjack

Hand Carved Décor

These unique mesquite hand carved pieces will make a great addition to your décor and are available for $1200.00 each.