Customize Your Hearth with a Mesquite Mantel

A mesquite mantel is a welcome addition to any hearth, especially for those that enjoy a natural wood-grain look.

At Faifer and Co., we specialize in creating mantels from 100 percent Texas mesquite hardwood. We leverage the coloring, knotting and other natural features of the wood to make unique designs, ensuring that each one of our custom-made mantels is a one-of-a-kind piece. We make our mantels from reclaimed hardwoods that were formerly used on Texas ranchlands, so they have an authentic and rustic Texas aesthetic.

Mesquite Mantel

Each mantel goes through a careful drying and finishing process to ensure that it’s ready to serve as a fixture of your home for many years to come. Starting with a kiln drying treatment that removes the majority of the moisture from the wood, our mesquite hearths undergo a thorough cleaning, removing any sapwood. We fill and cracks and holes that occur naturally with a clear epoxy treatment that strengthens the integrity of the piece and ensures a smooth and even feel. Finally, mantels are coated with Waterlox or pure tung oil, giving each piece a beautiful and long-lasting shine.

This attention and care we put into our woodworking is what makes our mantels stand out. We work with the natural shape of the wood to make it a standout piece. For example, we can highlight a knot in the wood or the different bends in the grain to bring a piece to life. Our pieces aim to bring a class and rusticity to your home, making your home feel as luxurious and well appointed as one of the nation’s top hunting lodges.

At Faifer & Co., we’ve been making mesquite wood flooring, furniture and other pieces since 1981. Located in Floresville, Texas, just 25 miles south of San Antonio, we use reclaimed logs from Texas ranchlands in Wilson, Atascosa, Karnes, Bexar and Guadalupe counties, meaning that when it comes to genuine Texas craftsmanship, our pieces are as authentic as it gets.

Mesquite, in particular, is a marvelous wood that is sometimes underutilized, offering a great beauty, strength and tenacity that has survived in the Texas landscape for hundreds of years. If you want an authentic mesquite mantle for your home, call us today at 830-216-4189.

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