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Mesquite Panels

Let us help you by manufacturing yourΒ mesquite panels to create your one of a kind project.Β  Our mesquite panels can be made in various sizes listed below or custom sizes.Β  The panels are epoxy filled top side only and sanded to 120 grit.Β For more information or to place your order please contactΒ Faifer & Company, Inc.

12β€³Β Panels3/4β€³1β€³1 1/4β€³1 3/4β€³
12β€³ L x 12β€³ W$35.00$43.75$52.50$70.00
18β€³Β Panels3/4β€³1β€³1 1/4β€³1 3/4β€³
18β€³ L x 12β€³ W$52.50$65.80$78.75$105.00
18β€³ L x 18β€³ W$78.75$98.35$118.30$157.50
24β€³Β Panels3/4β€³1β€³1 1/4β€³1 3/4β€³
24β€³ L x 12β€³ W$70.00$87.50$105.00$140.00
24β€³ L x 18β€³ W$105.00$131.25$157.50$210.00
24β€³ L x 24β€³ W$140.00$175.00210.00$280.00
30β€³Β Panels3/4β€³1β€³1 1/4β€³1 3/4β€³
30β€³ L x 12β€³ W$87.50$109.55$131.25$175.00
30β€³ L x 18β€³ W$131.25$164.15$197.05$262.50
30β€³ L x 24β€³ W$175.00$218.75$262.50$350.00
30β€³ L x 30β€³ W$218.75$273.35$328.30$437.50


36β€³Β Panels3/4β€³1β€³1 1/4β€³1 3/4β€³
36β€³ L x 12β€³ W$105.00$131.25$157.50$210.00
36β€³ L x 18β€³ W$157.50$196.88$236.25$315.00
36β€³ L x 24β€³ W$210.00$262.50$315.00$420.00
36β€³ L x 30β€³ W$262.50$328.13$393.75$525.00
36β€³ L x 36β€³ W$315.00$393.75$472.50$630.00