Texas Mesquite Wood Known for its remarkable beauty, strength and tenacity.

This native wood has been thriving on the rugged Texas landscape since before the Spanish Conquistadors even set foot in North America! Its color and grain characteristics are further brought to life with defects, ingrown bark & mineral streaks. As Mesquite ages, it will beautifully darken over time. When graced with an oil-based finish, its reddish-brown color reveals a truly exceptional appearance, especially when cut parallel to the grain. And let’s not forget the unique beauty of its End Grain cut, with its rich brown patterns that exude their own captivating charm.

Affectionately known as Texas Ironwood, Mesquite wood boasts unparalleled durability. For centuries, it has served as a vital material for tools, furniture, and artwork, carving out a special place in our hearts and homes. Today, Mesquite’s legacy extends to flooring, fireplace mantels, cabinetry, and countertops, where its strength and charm shine through. Beyond its endurance, Mesquite wood showcases a mesmerizing array of colors and character, each piece telling a story of resilience and beauty. We proudly source our Mesquite wood from reclaimed land in the surrounding Texas ranchlands, embodying a deep respect for its history and heritage.

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Faifer & Company, Inc. is a family, veteran and majority women owned business, established in 1981. We are located in Floresville, Texas the heart of Mesquite country just 25 miles south of San Antonio. 


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