Mesquite Mantels & Shelves

We specializes in beautiful pieces crafted from 100% Texas Mesquite to make stunning fire place mantels. The color and detail of each piece is unique, making every mantel a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. They naturally display an authentic, rustic aesthetic.

Each mantel undergoes a careful drying and finishing process to maintain its natural beauty and detail. Each mantel is kiln dried to a 6-12% moisture content and cleaned of all sapwood. Cracks and holes can be filled in with a clear or black epoxy, which strengthens the integrity of the piece while showcasing the aged complexity of the wood for an additional cost. Our mantels are sold unfinished but we’re happy to finish with Hemp Oil for a beautiful, long-lasting shine for an additional cost.  

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Invest in a beautiful, handcrafted Mesquite fire place mantel from us and enjoy it for generations.