3:1 Medium Epoxy Hardener

The most popular hardener choice, an excellent general purpose hardener for most conditions including high performance applications. Great for fiberglass and composite layup with carbon or kevlar.

  • Mixing Ratio by Volume: 3:1
  • Pot Life: 20-25 Min @ 80F
  • Set Time: 3 – 4 Hours
  • Drying Time: 8 – 10 Hours

635 Thin Epoxy Resin System

635 Resin System is a high quality resin which is popular for lamination with fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar or any type of reinforcement. The syrup-like consistency will generate fast wet-out and easy application of any reinforcement.
This Resin System will produce a low viscosity, semi-clear, low odor epoxy that is not only ideal for layup use, but also as a sealer of porous substrates such as wood because of its penetrating power.