Charcuterie/Cutting Boards

Mesquite Charcuterie/Cutting Boards

Mesquite charcuterie/cutting boards and other accessories are a fantastic addition to your home and also make distinguished, affordable gifts.  We offer several different styles of mesquite charcuterie/cutting boards, please visit our store for availability and pricing.  Don’t forget we can personalize your items with our laser engraver!

Face Grain Charcuterie/Cutting Boards

Our face grain charcuterie/cutting boards allow for a wider plank to make a more solid surface with less glue joints.  They allow the character of the wood to be showcased.  We have several different face grain charcuterie/cutting boards in stock to choose from.  Please visit our store for availability and pricing.

Live Edge Charcuterie/Cutting Boards

Our live edge charcuterie/cutting boards provide a one-of-a-kind unique surface that complements your kitchen’s functionality and appearance.  There are no juice groves on the boards.  For a small fee of $20.00 we can add rustic metal antler handles which can be added to any board.  Please visit our store for availability and pricing.

Mesquite Live Edge Cutting Board/Serving Tray

Edge Grain Cutting Boards

Our edge grain cutting boards can be custom made to suit your specifications. These cutting boards are made with a juice groove on one side for cutting cooked meat and flat on the opposite side for cutting vegetables.