Dress Up Your Fireplace With a Mesquite Mantel

Now that winter has arrived, temperatures are at less than ideal highs. This will lead many homeowners to light up their fireplaces as a nice little way to keep warm on cooler nights. However, instead of having just a plain old mantel surround your fireplace this winter, upgrade it with help from Faifer & Co.

Mesquite MantelsOur mantels are made from reclaimed mesquite hardwoods that were previously being used on Texas ranchlands. By doing this, your new mesquite mantel will not only have an authentic, rustic Texas feel, but it will also be a truly unique addition to your home.

If you have a specific idea of how you want your mantle to look, we offer a wide variety of wood options. You may be looking for a mantel that is very simple, but is an improvement on what you have now. We have simple cut mesquite hardwood that will give you exactly what you’re looking for and leaving you staring in awe at your new mantle.

Now on the other hand, if you want more of an all-natural look, Faifer & Co. has you covered there as well. Some of our hardwood looks like it was taken right out of the woods. This will give your mantel that outdoorsy feeling all while your fireplace warms you and your family up.

Before creating our mantels, each piece of wood undergoes a drying and finishing process to make sure it will keep its natural warmth and detail as long as you have it. The first step is having the pieces kiln dried to reduce the moisture content. Then when that is done, they are cleaned of all sapwood that may be left. Any cracks or holes in the hardwood are filled in with a clear or black System Three epoxy which not only covers up any apparent holes, but also strengthens the piece as well. The last step is having the mantels finished with Waterlox or pure tung oil that will give it a shine you will enjoy for a long time

If you would like more information about our mesquite hardwood mantels, call Faifer & Co. today at 830-216-4189!

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    • dee-mcintyre

      Hi Gary! We have plenty of mantels in stock that are listed on our website. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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