Cutting Boards, Furniture, Hand Carvings, Hardwood & Furniture Finishing Products

Faifer & Company, Inc. hand crafts standard cutting boards as well as custom cutting boards and butcher blocks.  Please visit the Cutting Board page to see what we have to offer.

Cutting Boards

Faifer & Company, Inc. has a few customer furniture items as well as some special hand carved pieces that are available for sale in our show room.  Please take a look at our showroom furniture and hand carving that are available for sale

Showroom Furniture and Hand Carved Pieces

Faifer & Company, Inc. uses and recommends 100% Pure Tung Oil, Citrus Solvet and System Three Epoxy with our products. The System Three Epoxy is used to fill voids and knots to make a solid stable surface and accent the beauty of Texas Mesquite lumber. 100% Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent gives the mesquite a gorgeous rich matte finish that makes the grains pop and become a heirloom piece to be enjoyed for many generations.

100% Pure Tung Oil

System Three Epoxy

Citrus Solvent