Los Angeles Mesquite Wood & Lumber

Faifer & Company Inc brings authentic Texas Mesquite wood products to your home and homes all across the world. We make our custom wood designs in our workshop in Floresville, Texas, and then ship them to your home so you can enjoy one of America’s most beautiful natural charms anywhere in the world. We make reclaimed Mesquite wood and lumber flooring and furniture in Los Angeles for homes of all types, bringing the wild character and genuine warmth of Texas country to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, sitting room, foyer, office and more.

Mesquite hardwood displays a unique shape, color and character unlike any other hardwood. As the wood ages, its complexity expands, giving you more depth of texture and shade on the same wood piece you’ve had for years. In this way, Mesquite wood makes a record of the ages. That is why reclaimed Texas Mesquite wood retains a distinguished look other new wood types cannot replicate. When we make furniture, mantle pieces, countertops and other home focal points out of reclaimed Texas Mesquite wood, the appearance is aged and each imperfection adds to the distinctive, unique display. Each piece is a unique painting in hardwood grains, displaying decades of history.

Order a unique piece or hardwood floors for your home in Los Angles. Contact us for more information on custom craftsmanship and nationwide shipping.