The Art of Bookmatch

When creating a new peace or project, craftsmanship takes a lot of time and thinking. Knowing your woods, tools, and tricks can make a section of wood a one-of-a-kind art piece. Nature can help you out sometimes when you’re looking for a perfect piece of wood that it’s original with a lot of details and would add character to your work. Bookmatching, in this case, will create the perfect addition to your workpiece.

book-matched panels by

Book-matched panels by

Bookmatching is the process of matching two wood or stone surfaces that have been cut vertically through its width. Obtaining two identical and mirror-like surfaces of each other.
When you glue the two pieces together, aligning and matching the grain patterns from each piece, it creates an “open book” effect because the pattern looks as if you “open up” a book.

This process can be seen in many wood crafts like musical instruments,  tables, or other type or accent on a piece of furniture. It can be a delicate process because sometimes the panels can fracture and break off. Great craftsmanship experience is needed as well as knowing your tools and equipment.

Bookmatching wood in violin

This style also greatest impressive pieces when done in stone like granite or marble.

Bookmatching effect in granite


This technique is used mostly for aesthetic purposes. It enhances the material’s natural beauty and becomes a statement piece of art whether or your wall or furniture.

You can find the steps on how wood Bookmatching is done in


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