Wood Carving 101

Woodworking is one of the oldest arts or humankind. From early-men using spears and attaching stone points, creating utensils, architecture and ultimately carving pieces or art. All around the world different cultures mastered this art creating stunning statues, pieces of furniture, boats, buildings and more. Woodcarving is defined as the action or skill of carving wood to make a functional or ornamental object.

Carving tools include:

  • Knives220px-Carvingknives
  • Chisel
  • Gouges11WCC-5-1
  • Malletscarvingmallet
  • For carving in the round, rasps and files are used as well and can be very helpful. 861683ea5539174d741f22d5667f1c72


These come in various shapes and are categorized by their width and sweep -the amount of curvature on the edge, and they can be available in shot and long handles. Below are the basic categories but there can be different variations among them.

chisels and gauges
  • Straightstraight gauges
  • Bentbent gauge
  • Fishtail
  • Back Bent back bent gauge
  • Spoonspoon gauge
  • V-gouges

When you want to start a project we recommend is to first choose what you’ll like to make and then buy the tools for it -insteadn of buying some tools and then not using some and needing others. Below are the most common ways or woodcarving, you can incorporate different styles into your project or just follow one. To start, you can watch this video with tips for beginners.

  • Chip Carving 
  • Relief Carving221a06533dba49b3913906415922a0ba
  • Carving in the Round/ Caricature Carving/ Sculpture3eae6894ed43b3a96921fcf0020f3c69

How to start carving

If you have already had some experience with woodworking some of these points may sound familiar, for example, carving with the grain. Its easier to start by following the longitudinal lines of the wood. In the video below you can see how moving your tool very little on ta left to right movement and pushing forward will help you get more control.

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