Mesquite Stairs: From the Ground (Floor) Up

Mesquite StairsIt is safe to say that the staircase is one of the most important components of any house. Sure, they get us up to the second floor, but if done right, they can be so much more than that. Properly constructed stairs can be a beautiful centerpiece for any home, and the first step to creating stairs that you can be proud of is by building them with the best type of wood available.

We recommend mesquite.

Why Mesquite?

Well, it all comes down to quality and reliability. We believe that mesquite is simply the best wood to use for projects that you want to truly last the test of time. Mesquite has proven time and time again to be the best type of wood in terms of hardness and stability as well as ease of use, making them the perfect option for constructing long-lasting stairs.

The beauty of mesquite cannot be praised enough. This wood is reclaimed from Texas ranchlands, and we use only the best pieces that offer gorgeous detail and aged charm. When all of this is combined, you end up with an impressive staircase that would look beautiful in any entranceway, living room or basement.

Even better, any staircase that you create with Faifer & Co. and our fine mesquite is fully customizable to your home and preferences. We offer all the tools and pieces you need, including risers, nosings and reducers, allowing you to create your staircase the way you want it. Whether you’re constructing straight stairs or a spiral set, and regardless of height, elevation or aesthetic preferences, one thing is for sure – the look, strength and resilience of mesquite cannot be beat!

If you are planning to remodel your stairs or are building a wholly new staircase from scratch, get your materials from Faifer & Co. We have the know-how and materials you need to create elegant staircases, and have the flooring components to match throughout the rest of your home as well. To learn more or to order mesquite wood for your building project, call us today at 830-216-4189.

Mesquite: Long-Lasting and Durable

Mesquite Flooring When it comes to the materials you decide to use for your flooring, there is a lot to think about, especially when it comes to wood. There is more to the decision than just picking something that looks nice. You want to find a dependable wood that will not only fit your motif, but that is also stable enough to withstand the many feet that will walk upon it for the next few decades.

Many people may think that all types of wood are separated only by type, but there is more to it. Hardness and stability are major factors that must be considered when considering your hardwood flooring.

Did you know that there is actually a test made just to determine hardness?

That’s right! It is called the Janka hardness test. In a nutshell, this test measures the force necessary to successfully embed a 0.444-inch steel plate to half of its diameter in wood. The Janka tests – also known as side hardness tests – predict which types of wood are more resistant to dents and wear. Janka tests has been completed on hundreds of different types of wood and mesquite wood comes out in the top 10.

As you can see in our list, the Janka test shows Brazilian walnut had the highest rating with 3,680. By contrast, the weakest wood in the study was Douglas fir, coming in with a score of 660. Where does mesquite sit? Well, the Janka test results give mesquite a hardness of 2,345 – an excellent rating.

Stability is another factor that should be taken into consideration. We can measure stability by calculating the dimensional change coefficient, or multiplying change in moisture times the change coefficient and multiplied by the board width. For those whose eyes just glazed over there, effectively we’re measuring the impact of moisture on swelling and shrinking.

On a recent test of stability, mesquite received a rating of 3.2, making it second only to Australian cypress. By comparison, beech was on the opposite side of the spectrum, with a content change of almost 12, meaning that it is much more susceptible to fluctuations from moisture.

The hardness and stability of mesquite are just a few of the reasons why we at Faifer & Co. love with this impressive wood variety. We are family owned and operated, and we take great pride in our work with mesquite wood and its many applications.

Take a look at our full selection of mesquite hardwood flooring online now, or call us today at 830-216-4189 to learn more.

Build It Your Way with Mesquite Lumber

Mesquite LumberWhether you’re a contractor or someone who like to build something yourself, you want the best lumber for the job. If you’re looking for high-quality, durable and reliable mesquite lumber, look no further than Faifer & Company.

We been providing contractors and personal builders with the best in mesquite lumber for more than three decades and will make sure you get the same. Our mesquite lumber and slabs have been recognized by previous clients as not only being beautiful but strong as well, making us a great choice to help you complete your project.

This is good to have, especially if you are building something such as a deck or another part of your home that will have continuous use. You want the lumber to not only look good but last for years of use, and you can trust that’s what you’ll get with a mesquite slab from Faifer & Company. You will also be able to relax knowing that your lumber can stand up to regular use or even heavy wear, and all of our lumber is backed by our years of experience and our reputation with providing strong mesquite lumber.

We also offer slabs and lumber in numerous different sizes as well. Some of the measurements include 4/4 (1 inch), 5/4 (1 1/4 inch), 6/4 (1 1/2 inch) and 8/4 (2 inches), all of which come in #1 and #2 grade. Along with those sizes, we also mill thicker lumber and will work with you to get you the size you need. So no matter what size lumber you may need, our staff can get it to you to help get your project completed on time.

Faifer & Company is a family owned and operated business in Floresville, Texas, offering mesquite flooring, lumber and furniture. To learn more about purchasing mesquite lumber, or to inquire about custom cut thicknesses or lengths, call us today at 830-216-4189!

Bring a Beautiful Look to Your Home with a Mesquite Countertop

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of a home, and a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional is a joy for any homeowner. A warm and inviting kitchen also improves the value of a home should you decide to sell later. A perfect way to bring a beautiful look to the kitchen is with a mesquite countertop.

Mesquite is known for being exceptionally hard and resilient, but also for being a beautiful wood. It is also distinctive and unique, offering a much more inviting look than many other counter surfaces. These traits make mesquite the ideal material for countertops.

Mesquite CountertopChoosing countertops for your home is a significant decision as it will affect the aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen for years to come. Mesquite countertops are a beauty to behold, adding a wonderful appeal to your kitchen, while also being durable enough to handle all of the meal prep work, messes and spills that happen on counters. Custom mesquite wood countertops from Faifer & Company are the perfect complement to your kitchen, and are custom made to meet your specifications.

Mesquite is also an ideal material for bar tops on kitchen bars, serving and breakfast bars, or entertaining bars in living rooms and mancaves. A custom mesquite wood countertop can transform any of these spaces into something truly extraordinary, and adding a great look and long-lasting functionality in any space in your home.

As a native wood that has been growing in Texas for centuries, the mesquite lumber for our countertops is sourced from reclaimed logs found in the Texas Ranchlands in Wilson, Atascosa, Bexar, Karnes and Guadalupe counties. We carefully kiln dry and prepare our wood countertops at our shop right here in the heart of Mesquite Country.

Faifer & Company is a family-owned business that has been providing exceptional wood products for 35 years. In addition to custom mesquite countertops, we also offer mesquite flooring, mantels, furniture, hand carvings and much more. Contact us today at 830-216-4189 to learn more about our mesquite countertops or to place an order for your home.

Installing Mesquite Floors: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you intimidated by the thought of installing a mesquite floor yourself? Installing a genuine mesquite plank floor is a whole lot easier than the stunning finished floor would make you think. Let’s take a quick look at how easy it is!

Getting Started

If you’re installing on a concrete subfloor (a slab foundation, for example), the first step – however unexciting – is critical: You must moisture test your surface to determine if it’s dry enough for proper adhesion. There’s a do-it-yourself method utilizing common household items that suggests, but there are professional instruments made specifically for the job, and proponents of each method feel election-year levels of passion about their preferences. The import takeaway, though, is that if you discover your slab has too much moisture, you’ll need to install a vapor barrier and subfloor before you get started.

If your slab is dry or after you’ve added your subfloor, it’s time to get that floor down.

Mesquite Hardwood FlooringDay One:


First, apply a leveling product so your surface is flat, with a variance of 1/4-inch or less over an 8-foot radius. Allow it to dry according to package directions.


Spread adhesive over a 2-by-2-foot area with a 1/8 x 1/4 x 1/4 inch notched trowel. Seat the planks in the adhesive, and repeat the process until the entire area is planked.


Using a 50- to 80-pound roller, go over the entire floor to ensure that the adhesive makes good, even contact with the flooring.


Close off the area to all foot traffic for at least eight hours – longer if recommended by the adhesive manufacturer. Allow the adhesive to cure overnight.

Day Two:

Sand and Fill

Use a coarse, 60-grit paper just to flatten out any protruding edges, and then apply a wood filler to any cracks. You can buy a premixed filler, but it’s easy enough to mix up your own with a little wood glue and fine sawdust. For large cracks or knots, we recommend System Three epoxy. Allow the filler material enough time to dry before moving on to the next step.

Sand Again

After the 60-grit sanding and filling is complete, use an 80-grit paper to flatten out the filler you applied. Finish the floor by sanding with 120-grit.


Apply a high-quality sealant and finish to your new mesquite floor. Tung oil or hard-wearing polyurethane will enhance and protect your floor.


Sit back and admire your gorgeous custom mesquite floor.

It’s really that simple to get results like you see in our gallery. For even more tips, check out our installation page. As you browse our gallery, make note of what speaks to you, and we’ll zero in on the look and feel you want in your new custom mesquite floor.

Contact us today by calling 830-216-4189 and learn how our array of wonderful mesquite lumber, flooring and other unique products can help accent your home or workplace.

Customize Your Hearth with a Mesquite Mantel

A mesquite mantel is a welcome addition to any hearth, especially for those that enjoy a natural wood-grain look.

At Faifer and Co., we specialize in creating mantels from 100 percent Texas mesquite hardwood. We leverage the coloring, knotting and other natural features of the wood to make unique designs, ensuring that each one of our custom-made mantels is a one-of-a-kind piece. We make our mantels from reclaimed hardwoods that were formerly used on Texas ranchlands, so they have an authentic and rustic Texas aesthetic.

Mesquite Mantel

Each mantel goes through a careful drying and finishing process to ensure that it’s ready to serve as a fixture of your home for many years to come. Starting with a kiln drying treatment that removes the majority of the moisture from the wood, our mesquite hearths undergo a thorough cleaning, removing any sapwood. We fill and cracks and holes that occur naturally with a clear epoxy treatment that strengthens the integrity of the piece and ensures a smooth and even feel. Finally, mantels are coated with Waterlox or pure tung oil, giving each piece a beautiful and long-lasting shine.

This attention and care we put into our woodworking is what makes our mantels stand out. We work with the natural shape of the wood to make it a standout piece. For example, we can highlight a knot in the wood or the different bends in the grain to bring a piece to life. Our pieces aim to bring a class and rusticity to your home, making your home feel as luxurious and well appointed as one of the nation’s top hunting lodges.

At Faifer & Co., we’ve been making mesquite wood flooring, furniture and other pieces since 1981. Located in Floresville, Texas, just 25 miles south of San Antonio, we use reclaimed logs from Texas ranchlands in Wilson, Atascosa, Karnes, Bexar and Guadalupe counties, meaning that when it comes to genuine Texas craftsmanship, our pieces are as authentic as it gets.

Mesquite, in particular, is a marvelous wood that is sometimes underutilized, offering a great beauty, strength and tenacity that has survived in the Texas landscape for hundreds of years. If you want an authentic mesquite mantle for your home, call us today at 830-216-4189.

Mesquite Finishing – Understanding the Use of Different Products

Mesquite Floor Finishes When you build something with wood, whether it is mesquite or oak, you want to make sure you use the right finish on it. Finding the right one depends on many different factors, including what you’re looking to protect it from and what will be taking place on the wood, like the volume of foot traffic or if furniture will be moved on it. If you’re in the process of looking for the right hardwood finishing products, take a look at a few of the most popular options we offer below.

Tung Oil

Tung oil is an all-natural finish that contains no volatile organic compounds, meaning it will have less of an impact on your surrounding environment. Once applied, a Tung oil finish will be water and alkali resistant, making it a great choice for any mesquite wood being used outdoors. Also, after it is applied and dried, Tung oil finish will not mildew or bleed, meaning you won’t have to reapply it constantly or be cautious about it wearing thin frequently.


Epoxy finish is ideal for new wood construction or repairs, as well as new decking or new furniture in your backyard. In addition, it is also really useful for any gel coat blisters that are in need of repair. Another great aspect of this finish is that it is ideal for areas that can get cold weather, as it is a versatile solution for use in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F.

Citrus Solvent

Natural citrus solvent is a safer alternative to chemical solvents as it doesn’t contain emulsions, surfactants and other additives that can be dangerous to inhale and even cause damage to our organs. Instead, citrus solvent is made up of 98 percent pure citrus peel oil extracted from the peel of an orange and the 2 percent is water, making it another all-natural alternative.

Faifer & Co., located in the heart of mesquite country in Floresville, Texas, offers numerous hardwood and furniture finishes to help protect your mesquite furniture and hardwood. We also stock mesquite flooring, mantels, lumber and more for a wide variety of projects. For more information, call us at 830-216-4189 today!

Mesquite Rises to the Challenge of Stair Construction

You have many choices when it comes to adding your personal touch to the varied aspects of your home. Your house is unique to you, and you want everything in it to reflect your personality while also being made with the finest materials and workmanship available. That goes for everything from your furnishings to your countertops and even your stairs.

Mesquite StairsWhen it comes to stairs, you want to use a great product that will not only be able to withstand the weight of people walking on it but something that will also look great in your foyer, basement or living room. With that in mind, we at Faifer & Company recommend using a pleasant mesquite wood as part of your next staircase.

Naturally aged and rich in vibrant colors that are not always seen in lesser quality woods, mesquite wood is reclaimed from the Texas ranchlands and hand selected so that you aren’t just getting any old piece. Only the most detailed and naturally pleasing pieces are selected, and that is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose this particular wood for your stairs. Whether cut and finished or left uncut to showcase the natural contouring and appearance of the wood, using mesquite on your steps is sure to give them a truly unique look.

Our mesquite woods create a vast selection of risers, nosings and reducers that are ideal for creating any staircase. We can work with you to create a stair solution that can be modified to fit any elevation, height or aesthetic requirements that you may need. We can do a standard or curved stair, or accommodate floating or spiral staircase varieties – all of which will leave your home looking like a million bucks.

At Faifer & Company, we provide a stellar workmanship and dedication to our products and our customers. Whether you are looking to redo your stairs with mesquite wood, add new hardwood flooring, want to add some custom furniture into your home, or are looking for some unique, hand-carved decor, we have got you covered.

Give us a call at 830-216-4189 to discuss your design needs, and we will be happy to work with you on the perfect mesquite products that will complement your home like nothing else can.

Check Out Our Unique Gifts for Mother’s, Father’s Days

Both Mother’s and Father’s days are the perfect time each year to tell your parents how much they mean to you. These men and women work hard all year, offering daily love and advice to their families, and on this one day, they get some much-earned recognition.

This year, get your mom or dad something unique as a thank you for their hard work like a mesquite wood gift, meticulously handcrafted from solid mesquite Texas hardwood by Faifer and Company. We feature a wide array of unique wood gifts, in addition to our mesquite wood floors, kitchenware and wood wall décor in Texas. Our craftsmen transform the mesquite wood into sculptures and accessories that last for years to come and that would make beautiful and elegant additions to any home.

Indian Hand CarvingTreat your parents to a beautiful, Indian hand carving to proudly display in an office or living room, or choose an Indian horse statue for an ideal gift to place on a desk. Looking for a religious-themed gift? Check out the Jesus on the Cross carving.

Great gifts abound for the cook or griller, as well. Choose from mesquite cutting boards and bread boards, tortilla rollers and hot plates and much more in our unique gift selection, and each time mom or dad makes a fresh dinner, they will remember their relationship with you and how much they are appreciated.

Also known as Texas Ironwood, mesquite wood has superior durability, and has been used for hundreds of years as tools, furniture and artwork. With such durability, getting your father or mother a gift made of this wood is sure to last his lifetime and impress with its color and character. Additionally, because Faifer and Company uses wood reclaimed from Texas ranchlands for added age and complexity, no two pieces are alike, meaning you are giving a truly unique gift.

To order the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, contact Faifer and Company today or stop in and see us today in Floresville. Nothing quite what you’re looking for? Call or pop by and ask about our custom-made pieces to create your own one-of-a-kind gift.

Get High Quality Flooring You Can Trust

For both residential and commercial properties, the look of your flooring will certainly set the tone for the appeal of the space. Cleanliness does have something to do with this, but we’re talking about the flooring itself – whether it is wood, ceramic, carpet, etc.

With that said, wood flooring sets a unique tone for a space. Wood can transform a room so that it exudes elegance, coziness or sophistication. Just how much wood floors dress up or down a space is largely based upon the type of wood you use and the finish applied.

Mesquite FlooringReal wood may be a bit more expensive than a laminate choice, but real wood will last longer, be more durable and step up the design factor. How and why you choose a specific type of wood over another is a personal preference, but it is decision you want to make carefully as flooring is one of the longest-lasting features of a home and it’s a decision that you’ll love or loathe for many years to come.

While real wood is the ideal option, some types are stronger than others, and mesquite wood is best known for its strength capacity as well as its beauty and tenacity for withstanding many elements. Native to Texas, mesquite wood has a unique raw quality like no other. With the most stunning of grain characteristics that are enhanced by the natural defects, its reddish-brown color is simply amazing.

When you purchase mesquite wood flooring from us, it will be unfinished. We do not apply any finish of oil or urethane, so what you get is wood in its completely natural state. This helps to preserve the wood’s quality and untouched elegance.

With other wood distributors heavily coating pre-fabricated wood flooring with harmful formaldehyde, this could risk your health and investment from making an unwise decision. Mass-produced wood flooring does not protect the integrity of the wood, plus the polish or finish applied could even cause unintended side effects, such as cancer and respiratory complications.

Just as an example, look at the recent problems with flooring produced by Lumber Liquidators. As USA Today recently reported, certain types of Lumber Liquidator’s mass-produced laminate flooring from China has too high of an application of formaldehyde. With high-quality mesquite flooring from Faifer & Company, not only will you not have to worry about formaldehyde in your home, you’ll also get a more durable, richly colored and lasting product that you can truly rely on.

What we strive for is to deliver you a quality wood product that has remained in its natural state throughout the process of making it into wood flooring. We want to give you the opportunity to decide what finish should be applied and we would be happy to recommend an environmentally friendly oil alternative to traditional products.

If you’re in the market for new hardwood flooring, contact Faifer & Company today and get beautiful mesquite for your home or business. Call us at 830-216-4189 or fill out an inquiry form online now.